Who wouldn’t love being a photographer?

My career as a photographer has taken me to places such as Africa, The Philippines, India and South Africa to photograph. But closer to home, I’ve photographed film stills, TV ads,  aerial photography and beauty shots.
My work has been seen on TV3, in  IT magazine, Image, Food & Wine and Business & Finance, Sunday Independent.  Oh the glamor!

But, my true passion is photographing weddings. Each wedding is different in its own crazy and marvelous way. I love developing a personal connection with a couple and sharing in their special day and remaining a friend for life. After all, cameras don’t take photographs, people do.

I studied photography at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) and was awarded best student each year, and since then have won awards from Fuji and Kodak for my photography skills. So couples can rest assured I know a thing or two about taking pictures!

I like to go with the flow, am open minded to any wedding ceremony, I just like photographing love stories.

Apart from photography, my other loves (besides my husband) is Frodo my horse and Millie my dog.



I’ve been a wedding photographer for nearly ten years! And I love my job, as it allows me to be creative every day!

I started to work at Couple Photography when I was still in college, Ros and I developed a unique style and approach to the weddings we shoot. Now the business h

as grown and we work together and separately, shooting weddings in our unique Couple Photography style!

As well as photographing weddings, I like to think I’m the computer whizz here. I love working with images and have a keen interest in graphic design, including designing beautiful and unique wedding albums. The best thing about being a wedding photographer is getting the opportunity to travel around Ireland’s wedding venues, see beautiful parts of the country, and also looking at those gorgeous wedding dresses! Apart from photography, my other love is sewing and embroidery.