We want to get to know you before your wedding day.  How else can you feel relaxed in our company and know that we will photograph what is important to you.  So we can meet you face-to face or if abroad, we can skype!

We will run through any particular photo requests you might have and in turn give you a few suggestions.  We will show you all the options available for presenting these photographs, whether you just want a usb stick or a fully designed album.  You can customise what you would like and know in advance what you are paying.

We will view every image we shoot and will ensure all images you see on your personal website are technically correct, with colour and contrast correction added if necessary.  We can do an online blog of your wedding day if you wish which you can share with family and friends. This will be a little edited story of what happened on your wedding day, all the beauty, emotion, love and funny moments. Then, you will also receive the digital  images.  So even before you have the hard task of sitting down to choose the final pictures for the album, you can start printing photos yourselves, even ones that don’t quite make the final cut for the album.  They are all yours to print as you wish!

You can take your time and choose your final pictures for your album in the comfort of your own home.  Just email us in the reference numbers, choosing your photos from either your personal website or the actual full resolution printable images.

Then we can start our magic!