Do you have one or two photographers?

We have two photographers. Ros is typically the lead photographer, but Anna is often booked herself to shoot another wedding that day. So your lead photographer will be the one you will meet to discuss all your wedding photography plans and will be the one at the front with you when you make your forever promises. Our other photographer typically Anna, Tom or Roisin will be shooting too on the day. This means lots of angles, perhaps photos of the groom getting ready, more coverage of guests, and details on the day.

How much is the booking fee?

Our booking fee is €350.00 for an album package and €250.00 for our disk only package. This reserves your date and is payable via bank transfer, cash or cheque. We do not take visa.

Can you hold my date?

We can only hold your date for a week after meeting us, we ask that you secure your booking by filling out a booking form and paying the booking fee.

How long do you stay?

We start with the morning preparations and stay up to dinner call for our standard packages but can stay until first dance, if requested.

How many photos do I get?

We deliver at least 350 images (usually a lot more) on disk or usb.

How long does it take to have our wedding photos ready?

Roughly 4-6 weeks, though this may be longer during the summer months as it’s our peak time to be out shooting weddings.

Can I order an album with you later?

Absolutely, you have up 6 months after we deliver your wedding photos to order an album.

Do you take formal group photos?

Yes if requested, primarily for parents shots, etc. Our style is documentary so we prefer to be catching candid genuine moments of your guests having fun and enjoying the awesome party you’ve been meticulously planning for months!

Do you charge for travel?

We travel to lots of counties in Ireland, even abroad. On chatting to you about your day, we may ask for a nights accommodation and fuel costs. If you are planning a destination wedding we are more than happy to travel outside of Ireland, these costs are calculated on an individual basis.

Would you like to have something to eat if staying for first dance?

Yes, thank you! We leave our house really early in the morning and will be on our feet shooting right up until dinner – we’re starving and gasping for water by that stage! We don’t need the exact same as you and your guests, we’re happy with the main course or a bar snack.

Where are you based?

We are based in Dublin.

We’ve heard about copyright, what is it and what does it mean when it comes to our wedding photos?

Copyright means that the photographs are the intellectual property of the photographer. However, we allow you to use your images as you like and do not watermark any images. You will be able print and share your wedding photos online ‘til your hearts content! There will be no copyright issues.

Do you offer half-day or bespoke packages?

Sometimes, use the contact form above and let us know what you have in mind.

Do you also offer video?

Nope but we can recommend some awesome videographers that we work with regularly!

Is there an engagement photoshoot included in the wedding package?

No, but we do highly recommend them. They are a great way to see how we work, how its feels to be in front of the camera and just for the fun of it.

Are there any hidden costs?

No – we like to keep things simple. What we quote you will be the final price.

Do you blog all of your weddings?

We do try unless you request otherwise. We love telling your story and its great fun for you to share it with friends and family.

What if it rains on our wedding day?

We get asked this all the time. It never bothers us, so it shouldn’t bother you. We know how to use interesting lighting indoors to give you some awesome pics. After all, in Ireland,it rains a LOT. And our attitude to weather is you just have to go with it. Whether it’s dashing outside while the rain has eased off or taking 5 minutes under an umbrella. But, most likely you will be making the most of the inside of the amazing venue you have chosen.