USB Only Package

We can offer you a USB package.

Some couples don’t want an album but prefer a USB only package. All the photos from the day are placed on a USB ready for printing.

We put a lot of work in to ensure that the high quality JPEG images are perfect for printing, with a variety of colour and some black and white pictures. All images are colour balanced and contrast corrected, ready for you to organise prints yourselves.

Photobox Packages

Your very own keepsake box from your wedding day.

We know there are many sites on the internet for printing photos but some of them will produce very poor quality prints which will be disappointing. With something as special as your wedding images, we recommend you have the photos printed by professionals who do care about the print quality and how you look.

We offer 2 packages: THE SHOWBOX,  a custom designed wooden box with 15 fine-art prints. Or THE MEMENTO BOX , with photo on the front, prints  are mounted on 1.5mm card, ready for display on a wall if desired.

All prints are photoshopped to ensure you all look your best.  This makes the perfect keepsake for you or your family.

Little Extras

Just let us know what you would like and we will try to do it for you!

Just ask us what you would like as a photo souvenir of your wedding day, mini books, perhaps one large snapshot collage summarising your day, our custom concertina booklet or even a personalised mobile phone cover of your favourite photo.

With our albums, you can also order parent books and pocket books as well.