Sharon and Ken,like most couples during Covid, had a rocky time planning their wedding at Poulaphouca House for New Years Eve. But in the end, they considered themselves very lucky to be able to celebrate their Poulaphouca House Winter Wedding with 25 guests just before the further restrictions kicked in. And as the pair of them got ready at Poulaphouca House, the snow began to fall outside their windows.covid wedding at Poulaphouca House wedding photographer Poulaphouca House Sharon and Ken between them have a lovely family, Ava, Emily and Cara who were very much part of the day. Getting ready, Ava, looked so cool in her converse, while little Cara led her mum downstairs to start the ceremony. wedding at poulaphouca house winter wedding at Poulaphouca House indoor wedding ceremony at Poulaphouca House bride at wedding at poulaphouca house groom at wedding at Poulaphouca House alternative wedding at Poulaphouca House Their ceremony room was lit up, warm and inviting, contrasting the cold winds outside. Dave Russell performed the ceremony, which was filled with nice stories of how they met and gave us a little insight into their personalities. With such a scenic backdrop, Sharon and Ken and even some of the family agreed to go out for some photos in the snow. Ever diligent, Claire, Sharon’s sister never stopped looking after Sharon and indeed, me! She ran to the car to get their “wedding umbrella with a flurry of snow hitting her in the face!”. wedding in the snow at Poulaphouca House guests at wedding at poulaphouca house snowy winter wedding at Poulaphouca HouseIt was pretty nasty out, but Sharon and Ken walked the length of the driveway – to the amazement of the horses grazing nearby. Then they went back inside to the bar to warm up and have some family photos by the Christmas tree. On the way over for dinner, in the darkness, they lit a sparkler for the kids. Poor Emily seemed a little nervous to get too close to it. I left them with a parting shot of them both kissing in the light of the sparkler. Truly, a Poulaphouca House Winter Wedding. A romantic end to a great day. winter wedding in wicklow winter wedding in Blessington, Wicklow outdoor wedding at Poulaphouca House bar at wedding at Poulaphouca House wedding nighttime wedding photos at Poulaphouca Housecovid-wedding-at-Poulaphouca-House


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