Peter and Kim are a little alternative but in a good way! They may have met each other while working in the bank but as Kim’s dad said in his speech, they turned their careers around and studied again.  Kim is now a speech therapist and Peter a biomedical engineer.  And they just fit as a couple. Kim and Peter wanted a non traditional wedding where the food and dancing was the main focus. So they chose a winter wedding in Dublin city centre at the Medley in Fleet Street.

medley wedding dublin medley-dublin-city-centre-wedding002 medley-dublin-city-centre-wedding003

The pair of them wanted their Dublin wedding photographer to cover the ceremony up to some of the dancing. So my first glimpse of the warm loving Kim was jumping out of a taxi in her blue coat over her stunning B Couture  wedding dress. We knew from the offset, it was not to be a pose and smile day for the camera. We got great photos of her on the road at the bus stop with Dublin city life happening all around us.

The Medley has two floors, so it was ideal to have a humanist ceremony with hand fasting performed by Philip Byers upstairs. After the ceremony, the guests headed for a drink in Doyle’s across the road.  Peter and Kim wanted to get some Dublin city centre photos. So once we had taken our family photos, we headed out in the late afternoon for a short walk.  I managed to grab a little bit of time with them and we used the light from the city centre shops before heading back to the wedding guests at Medley.

The guests were back enjoying little bites and drinks before speeches started.  Their bridal party were such fun and a little mad! The bridal party was a big one, with lots of flower girls, all nieces and one nephew of Peter and Kim.  One of the groomsmen had to travel back to the men’s shop in Bray that morning to get a pair of trousers that fit him to add to the mayhem.  And their friends too seemed full of fun and so close to them. So a crazy bunch, full of love and laughter.

Kim and Peter did a lot of wedding prep themselves, invites, flowers, makeup, hair, nails and even the playlists. Though, they chose the energetic the mixtape for their dancing later that night. We also loved their layered cake of cheeses made by Sheridans Cheesemongers

Kim told me her Peter has taught her so much; like how to navigate roundabouts, how to correctly use an apostrophe so there will be no stopping them as a couple. As Kim said herself, the best is yet to come. We love their Winter Wedding at Medley.

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