Super kid-friendly wedding at Headfort Arms Hotel
Samantha and Mark have been on an epic journey to get to this point of their wedding at Headfort Arms Hotel on Valentines Day! Their date had to be postponed due to the unfortunate death of Samantha’s dad. The wedding which was to be had in the barn just at their newly built house some time before had to be postponed. We were delighted to be part of their journey to get to this day. And their new date was very signficant, as it is Mark’s birthday, Samantha’s own dad’s birthday and her parents got married on this day too. So, really it was defintely going to be good karma for them both, this time around.

With two fabulous kids, Charlotte and Colin and a new house, it has been all go for them both.  Samantha had time in the morning to tell me how they both lived in a wooden chalet while the house was built.  Samantha said the chalet was very comforable and very spacious so no regrets at all.  And with such a fabulous view from their rooms and so close to family and work, it was a great decision for them both.

We heard in the speeches later, that most of the credit for the planning of the wedding went to Samantha, but Anna told me she was mega impressed as to Mark’s hands-on approach that morning getting Colin suited and booted for the day ahead.  It may have been a busy morning for him, but he just took it all in his stride.  Samantha too is just one of those laid back calm girls that everything is a breeze.  She had given me quite the list and the night before the wedding, I had expressed my concern that we might not get all the photos done with all the plans for the day, but I just had to laugh when she told me not to worry that we could do it.  So I went to sleep happily the night before, feeling Samantha had this in the bag.

Samantha rocked up to the ceremony at Church of the Assumption in Dunsany in a fabulous white Bentley and the sun shone through the stained glass windows on them both beautifully.  The kids were just amazing and we’re very much part of the ceremony.  And my newleyweds wanted very much to visit the grandparents who weren’t able to come to the ceremony.  So it was so cute to go into the little cottage and see the beautiful connection these pair have to them.  Poor Netty was determined to avoid the camera at all costs, but we did our best to get a sneaky one every now and then.  We were on the move again for some wedding photos at Bective Abbey with the bridal party and even a stop in Kells to re-enact a family wedding photo that Samantha’s parents had taken outside the registry office in Kells.  Then, on to celebrate the wedding at Headfort Arms Hotel.

We were blown away by the work they put in to decorate the tee-pee for the kids.  And it was so nice to see them playing away in there.  We even persuaded Samantha and Mark to take some time out with the kids too.  We used the amazing natural foliage heart backdrop for all our family photos.  With stepbrothers and foster brothers and other family shot requests,  Samantha was on her ‘a’game again and made sure we got them all done. wedding-at-headford-arms-hotel

Within a short time, the dinner bell was rung with some very short speeches and then time to dance the night away for them both.  The kids still had bundles of energy and were there to even get involved in the conga line with the adults.  I bet it was a sleep-in for everyone the next day, after such an action packed amazing day.

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