Introducing a fabulous wedding at Kinnitty Castle

Ciara from Belfast met her Tasmanian devil Ben while travelling with friends at the time in Santiago, Chile. And was smitten. She moved from Belfast to be with Ben in Tasmania. They wanted the wedding to be like a big house-party and thought that a wedding at Kinnitty Castle would fit in with this vibe. wedding at Kinnitty castle wedding day details at Kinnitty castle staircase at wedding of Kinnitty Castle Ciara brought her dress over from Melbourne specially. And it looked stunning against the bridesmaids in dark blue. Ciara’s mum Esme taught us some pearl etiquette. That alcohol in your perfume loves to take a nibble out of the pretty pearls so always spray perfume first before putting on your pearls! bridal suite at Kinnitity Castle wedding wedding day preparations at Kinnitty Castle bridesmaids getting ready for wedding at Kinnitty Castle groomsmen getting ready at wedding at Kinnitty Castle wedding photographer Kinnitty Castle groomsmen at wedding at Kinnitty Castle groom at wedding at Kinnitty Castle bride at wedding at Kinnitty Castle ceremony room at Kinnitty Castle bride going down aisle at wedding at Kinnitty Castle ceremony at banquet room at wedding at Kinnitty Castle exchanging vows at wedding at Kinnitty Castle exchange of rings at wedding at Kinnitty Castle first kiss wedding at Kinnitty CastleCiara and Ben had an amazing personal wedding ceremony at Kinnitty Castle in the banqueting room and All Occasions Florist decorated the room beautifully and did the bouquets for the wedding day at Kinnitty. After the ceremony, we took a little drive in one of the fabulous Jaguars which Ciara’s dad collects. They looked so stunning parked outside the front of Kinnitty Castle. going down the aisle wedding at Kinnitty Castle wedding photographer at Kinnitty Castle wedding flowers for wedding at Kinnitty Castle recommended wedding photographer kinnitty castle wedding photographers for Kinnitty Castle natural wedding photographers kinnitty castle outdoor wedding photos kinnitty castle outdoor wedding photographs at Kinnitty Castle stunning wedding photos at Kinnitty Castle wedding photos couple at Kinnitty Castle wedding photographer for Offaly The bridal party may have been a giddy lot when we were taking our photos outside Kinnitty Castle but Ben and Ciara were up for the challenge of getting some stunning woodland photos at Kinnitty Castle. It was not easy for Ciara to walk to the spot with the stunning sunlight but Ben being the romantic type, picked her up in his arms and carried her there! outdoor wedding pictures kinnitty castle woodland photos kinnitty castle summer wedding at Kinnitty Castle castle wedding in Ireland romantic wedding in Ireland banquet room at Kinnitty Castle wedding day table plan Kinnitty Castle staircase photo at Kinnity Castle wedding drinks reception kinnitty castle By the time we got back, Ciara and Ben had some down time before seeing the banqueting room at Kinnitty Castle transformed for the night time dinner and entertainment. The guests all sat at one huge long banquet table together and it looked amazing. We got to hear how Ben is one generous, humble guy and that Ciara matches him so perfectly. She brings order to his chaos, sense to his ridiculousness and love to his life. You can’t ask for anything better in life.courtyard photos at wedding at Kinnitty Castle recommended wedding photographer castle wedding Kinnitty Castle reportage wedding photographer wedding at Kinnitty Castle speeches at Kinnitty Castle wedding castle wedding in Ireland We stole our lovely couple out from the party for a nice sunset photo at Kinnitty Castle before we were blown away by the mad upbeat all inclusive Ceilidh band Haste to the Wedding. They had everyone up and dancing together and learning some great routines that people could really let their hair down to and have some fun. sunset wedding photo at Kinnitty Castle first dance wedding at Kinnitty Castle night time dancing at Kinnitty Castle wedding couple first dance kinnitty castle wedding night time photos wedding at Kinnitty Castle late night entertainment wedding at Kinnitty Castle dancing with mum wedding at Kinnitty Castle dance moves wedding photographer kinnitty castle
It seemed the dream wedding at Kinnitty Castle for Ciara and Ben and they were planning a party-moon in Tuscany with 18 of their Australian friends straight after the wedding and then a couple of weeks alone in Greece. A perfect ending to a magical wedding at Kinnitty Castle. For more photos of Kinnitty, visit our venues page.


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