Introducing Emma and Paul’s Rathsallagh House Spring Wedding

A photographer’s dream, an amazing house in the country with genuine lovely people to photograph. Not to mention the 8 dogs, horses, sheep and hens to keep us busy. The moment I rocked up to the house, Emma went for a little walk with Millie her dog and chatted to me about the love she had for her hometown Redbog. She even put me at ease, and I was looking forward to documenting the day. My aim was to get Emma in a photo with all the dogs, had to be a record to have so many at one house! With their country style Rathsallagh House Spring Wedding, it could only be seen as another home from home. country style wedding in ireland documentary wedding photographer wicklow country inspired wedding at Rathsallagh House trudly bridal wedding dress dog loving wedding in wicklow fun loving wedding photographers wicklow Meanwhile, Anna documented the boys busying themselves with last preparations. Paul being a total play station addict, Emma told me his second love of his life. So no better photo then to combine his two loves, his stunning bride to be in his very own play station chair at her house! Then off we headed to the church in Crosschapel. Lovely to see a friendly face, Eugene from East Coast Video Productions also there to document the day. After the ceremony, a few quick photos by the church and then yes, Emma and Paul headed back to their baby, Millie, the dog. natural style wedding photorapher Rathsallagh House wedding day details Rathsallagh House groom prep wedding at Rathsallagh House batman cufflinks wedding at Rathsallagh House groom photos at Rathsallagh House wedding dress photos at Rathsallagh House documentary wedding photographer in Wicklow churches near Rathsallagh House wedding at Cross Chapel Church natural wedding photographers in Ireland first look Wedding Rathsallagh House going down the aisle Cross Chapel Church candid wedding photographer Rathsallagh House nice group photos at Rathsallagh House and Cross Chapel Church Cross Chapel Wedding country wedding wicklow with dogOnly lovers of the country side (wearing an amazing dress by Truly Bridal), would be game enough to walk into the muddy field for a few photos of the stunning landscape from the house.  Then, back to Rathsallagh House to start the wedding celebrations.   With such a mild day, the family all came out willingly, coaxed by some mouth watering canapes for some group photos.  outdoor wedding photos rathsallagh house spring wedding rathsallagh house summer wedding rathsallagh house wedding at rathsallagh house outdoor photos in garden at Rathsallagh House Hotel black and white documentary wedding photographer And of course, the famous Rathsallagh Tree shot, not only did we get a few in the fading light but also, Emma put on her wellies after the meal and headed out for some eye-catching night time Rathsallagh Tree photos. spring wedding rathsallagh house pavillion room rathsallagh house hotel rathsallagh house table settings drinks time rathsallagh house drinks time wedding reception rathsallagh hosue candid wedding photos rathsallagh house sunset at Rathsallagh House rathsallagh tree wedding photos nighttime night time at Rathsallagh House rathsallgh house spring wedding under the rathsallagh tree at night night time photos rathsallagh house

Speeches were a great laugh and had everyone in the Pavillion Room at Rathsallagh in stitches.  Before the band warmed up, a chance for us to photograph the stunning rings by Hugh Statham in Naas.  A great turnout then on the dance floor at Rathsallagh House and one of Paul’s concerns was that his slacks might not pass the squat test, but we can safely say all was ok! To see more photos of a Rathsallagh House Spring Wedding, click here.entering the room at rathsallagh house wedding speeches at rathsallagh house wedding speech time rathsallgh house wedding betting on speeches at rathsallagh house wedding candid wedding photographer rathsallagh house rathsallagh house spring wedding cutting the cake at rathsallagh house wedding first dance rathsallagh house wedding bride and groom rathsallagh house wedding candid wedding photographer for rathsallagh house night time photos at rathsallagh house wedding rathsallagh house spring wedding




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