Wedding at Cabra Castle – Sinead and Shane

Fun loving couple Sinead & Shane, who originally met in Shenanigans nightclub in Skerries 9 years ago, planned their wedding at Cabra Castle. It was well overdue but they were busy with a new house and the arrival of their son Ryan.

We had a great morning in Skerries with the girls while the lads had time to go to the famous Skerries pub Nealons for a pint (or two). We were mega impressed with the flowers that Sinead’s sister had arranged. It felt like a real local affair with family and friends arriving at the church right in the middle of the town. The ceremony went off without a hitch, we all had a great laugh as the groomsmen got an awful ribbing from the priest for moving chairs out of the way before the ceremony was over and having to put them back again. He said their son Ryan would have done a better job!
wedding at skerries co dublin wedding at skerries co dublin wedding party at nealons pub in skerries skerries church wedding skerries church wedding skerries church wedding skerries church wedding skerries church wedding skerries church wedding skerries church wedding Skerries has a quaint seaside charm we loved so we brought the newlyweds and Ryan to the cute Skerries Bookshop before heading to the wedding at Cabra Castle.  We stopped off in the grounds of Cabra Castle to get a chance to do some family photos with Ryan by the big tree and of course some lovey-dovey couple photos while Ryan watched on mortified!skerries church wedding cabra castle wedding wedding cabra castle wedding cabra castle Back at Cabra Castle,, the wolfhound was ready to greet them at the steps and their guests had gathered on the balcony to watch their arrival with the bagpiper. We loved the new little garden designed at the entrance to Cabra Castle. We took some family shots there just a stone’s throw from the rest of the wedding party. We loved their cheesecake with layers of fancy cheeses but I don’t think Ryan was too impressed, but there were plenty of sweet treats for him to fill up on! The last shot of the day was of course at the awesome staircase at Cabra Castle  and we left them to enjoy the rest of the celebrations.

wedding at cabra castle arriving at cabra castle for wedding cabra castle entrace for wedding doughnuts for wedding at cabra castle outdoors at wedding in cabra castle wedding room decor cabra castle cheese cake at cabra castle wedding bridal party at wedding at cabra castle cabra castle wedding staricase photo
Suppliers include: Edel Tuite
Jacintha McIntyre vocalist
La bella Sposa
Spring Break

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