A Big Knightsbrook Wedding for Valerie & Colm with over 280 guests

These guys may have office jobs now but they met each other in rural Melbourne while tending cows!!!! Even though they only lived about 15 minutes away from each other in Ireland, they found each other over over 17,000 kms away in Australia. So needless to say, we had to make sure we got a photo of cows on our way to Cavan to shoot the morning prep as a little souvenir.knightsbrook wedding (2)knightsbrook weddingKnightsbrook Wedding 001Knightsbrook Wedding005Knightsbrook Wedding 007Knightsbrook Wedding 008Four years later, Colm proposed to Valerie and their daughter Fiadh was supposed to help but felt a nap was more important.  But on the wedding day, Fiadh was in her element and was blown over, when she saw her mummy in her princess dress! Meanwhile the lads seem to have a time for a quick game of footie in the garden before heading to Bilis Church of Ireland in Virginia for the ceremony.Knightsbrook Wedding 009Knightsbrook Wedding 010Knightsbrook Wedding 011Knightsbrook Wedding 012Knightsbrook Wedding 013Knightsbrook Wedding 014Knightsbrook Wedding 015Knightsbrook Wedding 016Knightsbrook Wedding 017Knightsbrook Wedding 018Knightsbrook Wedding 019Knightsbrook Wedding 020Knightsbrook Wedding 021

With such a stunning autumn day and a long drive to Knightsbrook, we took the opportunity to do our family photos around the church grounds and Valerie even had time to leave flowers on her late dad’s grave side which was a very personal touch.  The two of them travelled in style to Knightsbrook in their uncle’s gold 1973 rolls royce which suited her autumn theme colours perfectly.Knightsbrook Wedding 022Knightsbrook Wedding 023Knightsbrook Wedding 024Knightsbrook Wedding 027Knightsbrook Wedding 028Knightsbrook Wedding 029Knightsbrook Wedding 030

The weather just got better and better and there was very strong sunlight, which we used to play with in their wedding photos at Knightsbrook, and the pair of them even came out for a quick walk to the bridge at the back of Knightsbrook.  It wasn’t long before the big crowd came together near the staircase for a group photo.  That might be the biggest group shot we have done ever!  Back in the room, the craic was mighty with even a game of footie in the main room and some lovely speeches.  I had to laugh when Valerie’s brother said he was blown away in the car looking at his stunning sister who he remembered as a child pulling tantrums and wearing yellow woolly jumpers!  Later on that night, it was only right that Fiadh danced the first dance with them, as they are a very happy little unit together. Knightsbrook Wedding 031Knightsbrook Wedding 032Knightsbrook Wedding 033Knightsbrook Wedding 034Knightsbrook Wedding 035Knightsbrook Wedding 036Knightsbrook Wedding 037large-wedding-knightsbrook-hotelKnightsbrook Wedding 038Knightsbrook-WeddingKnightsbrook Wedding 039Knightsbrook Wedding 040Knightsbrook Wedding 041Knightsbrook Wedding 043Knightsbrook Wedding 044main room Knightsbrook Wedding 045Knightsbrook Wedding 046Knightsbrook Wedding 047knightsbrook-wedding-88Knightsbrook WeddingKnightsbrook Wedding 049Knightsbrook Wedding 050Knightsbrook Wedding 051Knightsbrook Wedding 052Knightsbrook Wedding 053

They are off on a relaxing honeymoon to the Maldives.  Not too sure if Fiadh gets to go on that too?

Other suppliers include:Ray Yore Videographer, The Cakery in Cavan, Late Night Radio.  For more Knightsbrook wedding photos, click here



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