Erin and John from Chicago are very non-traditional when it comes to a wedding. To celebrate their day they planned a lovely dinner with close friends and family far away from home. As the pair of them explained -it was a group vacation with a wedding in the middle of the vacation!

John when he proposed to Erin planned a scavenger hunt. Erin and her best friend ran around Chicago following clues. Erin finally solved it when on the 6th and final clue brought them to the site of their first date where John was waiting with the ring. Erin being a project manager had no problems with organising an amazing wedding in dublin city centre.

fallon byrne wedding dublin

Erin and some of the family got ready in a penthouse just near the Gasworks while John got ready along Sir John Rogersons Quay. It was so cute to see Erin’s mum Shawn doing Erin’s hair for the wedding. She told me she has always done her hair as a child, even for the prom. Erin looked so pretty in her wedding dress from a Chicago boutique called Dame Couture. The bridesmaids wore stunning dresses that required no ironing!!! The girls had rolled them up in a ball and travelled to Ireland with them in their carry on luggage!

We all travelled by taxi into Fallon & Byrne for the ceremony. Erin wandered around outside before heading up to the ceremony and was met by all the mad crowd taking part in the Rockabilly Festival. The wedding ceremony flew by and at last instead of John calling Erin “his fancy” she was now his wife. It wasn’t long before we were all out on the streets of Dublin, walking down to Dublin Castle. The families had some photos there and they then left for a few drinks around town.

Both Anna and myself thought it would be nice to bring them into a traditional Irish pub so we walked down to the Long Hall pub and guess what, her close family were already in there having a Guinness! So the newleyweds had a sit down and a chat while we then left to catch all the details on the tables that were dressed for dinner.

We stayed to hear the speeches and the birthday cakes being produced for Erin’s brother and the bestman. As Erin pointed out, she cant forget the date as it is imprinted on her wedding converse. They all got up dancing and we were blown away by Erin’s grandparents moves on the dancefloor. I hear they are keen line dancers back in the States.

The wild adventurers are due to travel around Ireland for the rest of their holidays. Their first stop is to see Winterfell Castle from Game of Thrones with their friends.







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