Lorraine admitted to me that she met Brian while on the rebound. He was blown away by her maltesers infused kiss in the cinema. 11 years later, Brian woke Lorraine up at 3.05 am in the morning to propose. The exact time that their beautiful daughter Alannah was born.

They decided upon a laid back vibe for their wedding day and chose the stunning City Hall for their ceremony followed by dinner and celebrations in the PigsEar restaurant on Nassau Street. I travelled to Clonee that morning to shoot the morning preparations. I was honoured to be introduced to Alannah’s cuddly toys. She told us in her own words that she “looked fabulous” in her dress. The bridesmaids looked very glam in their Pj’s and high heels and Lorraine was stunning in her dress by Bridal Corner.
Lorraine chose to travel to City Hall in style in her Volkswagen bus while I took a lift with Brian’s parents. They were great fun and we’re giving me a rundown on the housing prices in Dublin.

The ceremony itself was really intimate and quite short. So it wasn’t long before guests were soaking up the grandeur of City Hall with a glass of prosecco in hand. Brian said he loved the idea that from now on when in the city centre he can just drop in and see where they said I do. With such a stunning venue, we had to have a photo on the stunning staircase before heading outside to the backdrop of Dublin Castle.

They told me one of their greatest fears for the wedding day was that the photographer was crap so no pressure for us! Tom, myself and my newlyweds got int the Volkswagen bus to travel around town for some photos. We were like the scooby doo team!!! We immersed ourselves in rush hour city centre life. I heard one passer by say that’s not a real wedding, it must be a photoshoot. I dodged cyclists in the bicycle lanes to backdrop my couple at the Samuel Beckett bridge and the river Liffey.

The atmosphere was electric in the restaurant! They started off with all the speeches and everyone just laughed and laughed. I was spared seeing any tears from Brian as Lorraine told me he is a very ugly crier!
I left them to enjoy their night while I humbly got the 46a bus home!!


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