Heather and Ritchie, a family wedding. So, no pressure!

Heather is Ros’s niece, and as her aunty, the wedding couple often use my Dublin home for their nights out as a place to crash and I often get to mind their amazing dog Jagger when they head off on holidays. So I was delighted to be a guest and official photographer for the day. I got to balance wearing a dress while holding two cameras!

Heather is full of life, always busy, if not out riding her horse, at the gym, she is working as a physiotherapist. Ritchie and herself clicked as a couple, and are so happy together. Ritchie is one laid back dude. On the morning of the wedding, Heather had to knock on his front door to wake him up to make sure he got up on time for the big day!

With Heather being such an accomplished horse rider, there was a bit of a horsey theme for the day. She had been collecting horse shoes running up to the wedding, and painted them in her burgundy colour scheme for the day. Susan, her mum, my sister a talented florist artist, designed the bouquet, button holes and milk churns outside the church. The whole look for the day was stunning with a relaxed bohemian, country chic style.
ballymagarvey_wedding_001 The bridesmaids Aoife, Muriel and Hilary are her long time girlfriends and full of fun.  Muriel told me at the practice run in the church, she was attempting to walk slowly down the aisle, when the priest told her not to walk like she looked constipated!  So, as you can imagine, he was very entertaining during the actual ceremony and put everyone at their ease.  After the pair of them were officially hitched, everyone enjoyed chatting outside the lovely country church in Clonalvy, Co Meath.  With refreshments of prosecco, freshly ground coffee and ice-cream being served from the fabulous vintage horse box.   We headed over to the stunning Ballymagarvey Village to continue the celebrations, with prosecco and mojitos flowing.  I managed to have a few mojitos before focussing on taking some photos around the stunning grounds.  We gathered all the families and friends who had travelled from places such as Australia, Canada and Barcelona to be with Heather and Ritchie.  The speeches and meal flew by, and then it was time for letting the hair down and enjoying a boogie to Redwood.  Heather’s dad Michael, a farmer whose work doesn’t even stop for his daughters wedding had to disappear for a while with a heifer calving and go back to the yard.   Heather and Ritchie continued the celebrations the next day back at home with the sun shining.  Then, headed off to honeymoon in Vietnam and Japan.  Her parents are minding Jagger this time! ballymagarvey_wedding_013


5 responses to “Heather & Ritchie, Ballymagarvey Village”

  1. Peter says:

    Fab photos of a great day. Thanks Ros (of Couple Phography)

  2. Debbie O'Brien-Lynch says:

    Lovely job Roslyn. You were a cute little flower girl yourself at Susan & Michael’s wedding. How about publishing those photos?

    • Ros says:

      ha ha, thats so long ago. I remember having a bag like Laura out of House of the Prairie, that mum made for me. Oh the innocence of it all

  3. Anne O'Leary says:

    Beautiful Wedding beautiful couple
    Great venue & delicious food. Wonderful photography

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