Gary and Gillian are a fun loving couple. Gary told me they were friends for years before Gillian finally realised how great he was! Gary proposed on Gill’s 30th birthday party. They chose Clontarf Castle as Gillian’s family is from Clontarf, so she didn’t want to go anywhere else to celebrate the big day. Gillian got ready in her childhood home along Clontarf strand while Gary and the boys stayed the night before in Clontarf Castle. I dropped Tom off to capture the boys preparing for the day while I photographed with all the girls; Gillian’s bridesmaids and her mum. It was very funny when Gill was presented with a lovely gift from Gary. The first thing she said, I am not wearing it today, if it doesn’t suit my dress and as she read his card, it said “You don’t have to wear this today”. We all laughed that Gary knows her too well!!!!

We were blessed with an amazing sunny Saturday in March, so the traffic along the coast to Howth was quite bad but Gill didn’t arrive too late! The ceremony was performed by their neighbour and old time friend which was very special for them both. After the ceremony, we headed down to the bull wall. We didn’t delay long as with the traffic it took a while to go 10 minutes down the road. The bridal party enjoyed walking along the front, with people congratulating them while out for a walk themselves. Anto, Gary’s groomsman was in crackin form, and had us all laughing. The Beauford car got them safely back to Clontarf Castle and it wasn’t long before the pair of them were sitting having their caricature drawn. We didn’t have much time to get the family shots done out in the front of the castle and a few shots in the stunning cake room. Gill and Gary had an amazing cherry tree theme in the main room, which looked epic. The cake complimented this with cherry blossoms around it with a bird cage and two birds. We stayed to document the speeches along with Eugene Whelan, the videographer. We all agreed, they both spent the day just smiling and laughing!!

But then again, what’s not to smile about when you have a honeymoon planned for Capetown and Mauritius



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  1. Sharon and Brian, Tiarnan and Caislin says:

    Great photos of a great day!

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