John and Áine met in Dublin city centre but it was five years later when they were submerged under water in a submarine in the Caribbean when John propsed to Áine. John and Áine now have the adorable 18 month old Lena.

They chose the wonderful Heritage Hotel in Killenard for their wedding celebrations. They both got ready there in the morning. Áine told me her priority for the wedding day was that Lena got her nap in the morning! Before her nap, John brought her swimming with all her cousins and he told me it kept him busy, as it took him ages to dry her hair perfectly for the wedding day.

Áine lost her parents while she was very young, so it was very sentimental to see that she had her mum’s wedding dress hanging up beside her own dress as well as Lena’s little dress. She even had a photo of her mum wearing her wedding dress on her own wedding day. Anna captured the boys getting ready, they even managed to play a game of pool and sneak in a pint in the bar while Áine enjoyed being pampered. We loved Aoileann and Kelly’s bridesmaids dresses, a stunning dark royal blue.

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It was lovely to see her walk down the epic staircase with her brother Edwin and Lena and then travel in the golf cart to the local church just outside the gates of the hotel. The civil ceremony went off without a hitch and we headed outside to take a few photos in the grounds of the church. We asked Áine and John to walk down the leafy lane but Lena wasn’t having any of it!!!! Áine and John got back into the golf cart and headed onto the golf course for a few romantic photos before heading in to everyone in the hotel. We loved the cake made by Cake Creator and the cake topper! The guests were due to be entertained by Jungle Boogie. I wonder did Lena get to stay up late?
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