Amy and Aaron first met on a charity trip to Kenya in secondary school. But, it was over nine and a half years later, when Aaron proposed to Amy in front of the christmas tree in their first home together. Amy and Aaron wanted a fairy tale castle for their wedding day and chose Cabra Castle. Being close to Halloween, we had great fun on the drive over looking at all the Halloween decorations in the neighbourhood! Amy got ready in her parents house in Lusk, which their parents built over 30 years ago. It is a stunning house with rolling fields behind them. Anna went over to photograph the lads who were getting ready in Amy and Aaron’s house in Rush, very close to Rush harbour.

Amy loves her jewellery, and she had her nana’s engagement ring alongside her own ring for me to photograph. I loved the antique silver jewellery box Aaron had just given her as a little gift just before the wedding. Amy’s aunt Wendy made the most delicate garter for her as well. Her dad Anthony is very talented and had some lovely paintings on the walls that he had done himself. We had to pose Amy by her own painting, done at the time of her debs!

It was lovely for Amy to be married in the church in Lusk where they had previously all had their communions and confirmations. Amy and Aaron really wanted to do some photos on the bandstand outside the church after the ceremony. It was so funny as school had just finished for the day and the little school girls were so thrilled to get their photos taken with the newleyweds. The bridal party then took a chance to mess around and started ball room dancing on the bandstand along with some high powered confetti throwing by family!

We followed the stunning Beauford car to Cabra Castle driveway and stopped close to the tree for some scenic wedding photos and a few sneaky close ups! The wolfhounds were in waiting up at the castle to welcome the pair indoors.

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We left them to enjoy the craic with Tropical Storm entertaining everyone. What song do they not know??? The bridal party snook up to the gold room for a few photos and Amy surprised us all by playing the piano, one talented bride! We loved the chocolate biscuit and fruit cake made by Amy’s mum and auntie. After some family shots in another drawing room and a staircase photo, it was time for Amy and Aaron to rejoin everyone and get the party started!

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  1. Bridie treanor says:

    This is just fabulous and I would love to get a copy of this entire video. I am his nan and please let me know how or where I can apply for a copy. Thank you.

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