During the vows, Mark told us that Peter is his best friend, his family and his partner and Peter said that Mark is a wonderful partner, whose love has no limits. The duo met in a bar in Dublin. A year and a half later while on holidays on the beach in the Canaries, Mark asked Peter to marry him. Mark told me Peter cried a lot!!! While, Mark’s nerves were fraught from carrying the ring around all day!

They had spent some time arguing over where to have the wedding but when they visited the Cliff at Lyons, they both were straightaway in agreement. They planned it to perfection, Mark did the serious stuff like devising up spreadsheets and timings for the day while Peter did the not serious stuff like drunken bidding on ebay for bunting!

On the morning of the wedding, the pair of them had a wet towel shave and headed over to put on their suits at Cliff at Lyons. We had great fun watching them both hog the one mirror to check suits and ties were sitting right! They didn’t have far to travel with the ceremony taking place in the orangerie. Lucy Kavanagh sang as the pair of them were accompanied by their Groomsmaids and Groomsman up the aisle! The ceremony was so personal with a ring warming ceremony and they even got to close up a box with little notes to each other along with their favourite tipple, a bottle of gin.

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Once the ceremony was over the party got going, guests enjoyed a glass of champagne and tasty canapes and a good chat. There were the Gaelic supporters who took over one room watching the Tipperary-Kilkenny match. We had to wait for it to be over before we could even attempt any family photos! Peter and Mark took the time to get some photos around the grounds. They were so funny, they had us laughing so much behind the camera! We then went inside to see the cake made by Caroline Goulding. A 3 tier cake with lime and coconut sponge, and vanilla and elderflower, and it goes without saying, some gin!

We can only guess with Peter being a great Irish dancer, that he performed a dance or two along with their cool band Good Times. We are told the pair of them are to honeymoon in Bali and Singapore. And as Siobhan, their celebrant said during the ceremony. May you see many sunrises, listen to the rain, and savour those special moments!

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  1. Caroline and Tadhg xx says:

    Beautiful photos of a fantastic day!

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