Jenny and Mick as kids lived quite close to each other. But only met in Melbourne in PJ O’Briens Irish bar. With a shared interest in GAA, they got on like a house on fire. Jenny had always spoken to Mick about how lovely Fore Abbey was which was close to her hometown. So Mick chose the Abbey on a visit home to propose to Jenny. Mick bought her a claddagh ring as a promise ring until they got a chance to design the engagement ring together. Under the arches of Fore Abbey, Mick got down on one knee to propose. After Jenny said yes, Mick’s brother turned up with a bottle of champagne.

On the morning of the wedding, both Anna and myself left bright and early to check out Fore Abbey and their local pub before heading up to the house. It was lashing rain, and difficult to see in front of us. But, as soon as we arrived at their home farm in Carpenterstown, the sun came out! We loved the charm of the farmhouse, we got to see chickens, men in caps, wellies, and old portraits on the wall!

Jenny had a very relaxing morning, drinking champagne and chatting to the girls. The dress looked stunning hanging up, ready to be worn! The morning preparations flew, and it wasn’t long before the fabulous 1948 Rolls Royce Sedance de Ville pulled up at the front door of the house.

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St Feichins Church is located just beside the Abbey. It is well worth a visit. The scenery is spectacular. But, Jenny only had eyes for one person that day – Mick!

She arrived on time and saw Emily holding a balloon with a cute message. The ceremony flew and Jenny and Mick left the church under the GAA sticks to chat to friends and family outside. They even had a chance to release some balloons into the sky to commemorate past relatives who had passed away. All the family then headed over to Fore Abbey for some photos. It was fierce windy so we had great fun trying to choose the most sheltered spot for some photos. We couldn’t resist doing a photo with the bridal party in the same arches that the newleyweds had got engaged at.

The bridal party took at stroll with the stunning backdrop of Fore Abbey in the distance, and they left to head to the pub. Jenny and Mick stayed for a few more photos. Jenny was thinking ahead and had brought her wedding runners with her! With the wind, the veil blew off and poor Mick had to run to save it.

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We had a stopover at Hotel Castlepollard where Jenny’s mum Kathryn used to work, and everyone enjoyed a pint or two before heading to Mullingar Park Hotel. At Mullingar Park Hotel, we took a few more photos of the bridal party and saw the cool cake toppers sitting on the yummy white chocolate and raspberry cake with layers of salted caramel and chocolate fudge. We got a chance to look at Jenny’s fabulous engagement ring and what better place to photograph it then on the Victoria map.

We left the pair of them to enjoy their meal with their 290 guests! Lets hope there is a big dance floor!

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