We met Ciara and Mark through Ciara’s bridesmaid Laura who we photographed at their own wedding quite recently at Dunboyne Castle. So it was nice to see the pair of them again.

Ciara and Mark have a son, Arron who is a character. I got to know him when the three of them came for an engagement shoot before the wedding. Arron remarked in his 9 year old manner, “I thought this taking photos would be boring, but its actually fun!”.

Ciara and Mark chose the Heritage Hotel for their wedding day. I went up to photograph the girls getting ready and Anna went to photograph the lads as they were not far away from each other. Laura was doing the make up for the bridesmaids which was nice. Ciara was very organised and had all her jewellery, shoes, bags, etc arranged on her dressing table for me to photograph. Not only did she have wedding shoes but Mark had bought her a pair of Laboutin shoes as a gift.

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Once dressed, Ciara came down the stairs and was greeted by her family. They all went out to the garden, had a glass of champagne and chatted to the neighbours. It was a nice chilled out 20 minutes before heading to the church in Emo. The ceremony was very personal and before they both knew it, they were Mr and Mrs! They were delighted and threw their hands in the air at the church door. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to pose for a few photos by the cornfield beside the church. The bridal party had great fun squeezing up together for a quick photo in the limo. We then headed back to the Heritage.

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Back at the Heritage, we went into the main room to see the cake and loved the stage with the big curtains. The bridal party were great and when I asked them to get up on the stage for a photo, they were all on for it. So they went ‘backstage’ and up onto the stage. It looked great with the Mr and Mrs sign lit up below them. They all got theatrical, and started wearing the props for a few photos that were left on the tables. Back outside, the guests were enjoying bopping away to Manilla Strings. We headed off to photograph the families and to get some majestic shots on the stunning staircase. With such an epic staircase, we had to bring all the guests on it for one last photo before they headed in for their dinner.

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