Yvette told me before the wedding the most important part of the day for her would be when her priest pronounces them husband and wife.

When I arrived the morning to document the wedding day, Yvette in her usual fun manner told me the wedding was nearly not going to happen. The day before, the church said they hadn’t registered it with Births, Marriages and Deaths, and if the wedding was still to go ahead, they had to get into court and get the judge to approve it! Luckily, they sorted it, so that husband and wife moment was still going to happen, thank goodness.

Yvette and Karl live in England. So Yvette got ready back in her mum’s house in Glasnevin. Her mum, Margaret was great fun. When, she looked at the bouquet, she said it needed to be trimmed. What did she use but an axe from the garden shed. So, we made sure to stay on the right side of Margaret for the day!

With Yvette being a hairdresser, the hairdos were very important! So I watched in awe as her friend did a super upstyle on Yvette’s hair. 001

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With quite a large bridal party, a limo came to collect them while Yvette and her mum travelled in the Beauford over to her local church Corpus Christi church. It was a nice touch that a flower was presented on the altar in memory of her deceased dad Reggie. She even had a locket with his photo on her own bouquet.

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After the lovely ceremony, we headed straight to Johnstown House. Tom took some photos of them with the top down on the car just in front of the fountain and impressive facade of the hotel.
Back in the hotel, they enjoyed some time chatting to their guests and then it was time to take some family photos in the courtyard and some bridal party photos outside in the lovely gardens at the back of the hotel.

We went in to see the amazing three tier wedding cake of rocky road, red velvet and carrot cake with weddings rings cake topper. We loved the turquoise diamanté crystal glasses and guest book that Karl’s sister Della had made for them.

I left them thinking fate put these two together – they met in O’Neills Irish pub in Wimbledon when Karl was celebrating his 40 th birthday. Amy, Yvette’s friend dragged Yvette away from her couch, xfactor and glass of bubbly and look what happened since……

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2 responses to “Yvette & Karl, The Johnstown Estate”

  1. yvette tucker says:

    I Love them love,love,love, them you were amazing the whole day Roz thank you for your expertise and making us feel at ease thank you and cant wait to see the rest !!! xxxx

  2. Margaret Tucker says:

    Roz, you made the visit to the house, such a great easy photo experience for Yvette, she was so relaxed and enjoyed the whole four hours getting ready, thanks for the hatchet picture , you were wonderful, thank you for great pictures Margaret

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