Ann-Marie and Eoin were able to tell me that it was 11 months, 12 days and 22 hours from when they first met, to when they got engaged! Eoin couldn’t wait the 23 hours and popped the question to Ann-Marie after dinner at home one evening. They celebrated for 20 minutes and then went out to see the movie ‘Inside Out’.

They chose the intimate setting of the Conyngham Arms Hotel in Slane for their day. The morning of the wedding, they all got ready at the nearby Ashbourne Pillo Hotel. Eoin was the last to get dressed into his suit, so we joked that he was the most casual groom we HAVE EVER photographed. He made up for it, when we saw him later in his lovely suit by Collar and Cuff and of course his Simpsons socks! Ann-Marie had a stunning short 1950’s wedding dress by the Princess Rooms. Her bridesmaids Lucy and Karolina wore lilac to complement Ann-Marie.

We had a very nice morning and teased Ann-Marie about her Ann Summers gift from Eoin, we were scared to open it but Eoin did tell me it was only a pair of pyjamas.

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The bridal party were all very organised and we got to leave them early and head to Conyngham Arms to see how beautiful the ceremony room was, with large doors opening up into the back garden. Ann-Marie arrived with her little flower girl Elise peeping through to the front of the car for a quick snap before heading up the aisle. The civil ceremony was very personal and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, including the very cute page boy Alfie! It wasn’t long before everyone was outside enjoying a glass of bubbly in the garden. Ann-Marie was over straigtaway to meet all her horsey pals and teased them that it was fun to see them all dressed up and not wearing jodhpurs.

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With rain showers, we went inside to take the family shots and some bridal party photographs by the old style mirror which was stunning. All the guests were nearby enjoying afternoon tea and a few glasses of champagne. When the rain had cleared, we headed out with Ann-Marie & Eoin for a few photos in the back garden and we decided to take a walk into the heart of Slane Village. It was such fun to see life continuing on with passers-by watching our bride and groom walking past and trucks carrying bales of straw. Ann-Marie risked her life and did a quick twirl right in the centre of the road before more traffic built up!

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When we got back, we had to see the fabulous cake that Eoin’s mum Ber had made. 4 tiers; fruit cake, lemon madeira, biscuit and red velvet, to suit all tastes! And if that wasn’t enough a candy cart full of lovely sweets. After a couple of more photographs, Ann-Marie and Eoin took a breather before settling in for the evening’s entertainment. They were telling me they were looking forward to heading into the RDS Horse Show the next day and then off for a honeymoon to Poland, An action packed time for the two of them.

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  1. Christine says:

    Breath-taking and beautiful pictures for a fabulous and warm couple! Very glad to have been there to witness the joyful and wonderful ceremony. Congrats Mr and Mrs O’Riordan! Keep that fire burning!!

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