Louise and Connor are both Trinity Heads! They didn’t really cross paths at Trinity much but Louise told me she won him over by offering to take him to the zoo! So what better place to get married than at the Trinity Chapel and back to the Westin in Dublin. Both Tom and myself arrived to the Presidential suite in the Westin for the morning preparations.
It was well organised with the girls down below getting ready and the boys on the top deck getting ready too. But, neither could see each other. Tom went up to photograph the boys in the top gallery and came back to me to say “there is a whole party up there of guys!”. Connor had told me for the craic he was allowing his friends compete for the honour of being his groomsmen and I think it got a bit out of hand and ended up that they all decided to take part, so I still don’t know how many he had! But, they were great fun, all dressed up in black tie, and enjoying tumblers of whiskey and cigars before heading off to the church.
Downstairs, it was a much more sedate affair, with the girls having their make up done and nibbling on fresh fruit and champagne. One of Louise’s bridesmaids lives in Hawaii so it took a month for the bridesmaid dress to be sent over. We couldn’t resist taking a photo of Louise’s wedding shoes against Connor’s shoes. We are not saying that Connor has big feet, OK we are!
Wedding Photography Westin Dublin004Westin Hotel wedding005006007008009010011012013 Once ready, Louise, her bridesmaids, mum and dad walked over in their wedding attire to Trinity. It must have cheered up all the passers by. The ceremony was performed by their dear friend and priest from Blackrock Clinic Fr Gerry Byrne. And, it was lovely to see Louise and Connor head outside to the courtyard as the new Mr & Mrs. It was very enjoyable being part of the city centre hustle and bustle with the tourists taking pictures behind us. We even had a tourist from Pakistan give me advice on the group photo and the guests got chatting to him too.014015016017018019020021022023024025026027028029030With a small shower of rain, we had to pop up the umbrella and head over to the Westin. Once there, we got a few more family shots of family over from the States and Louise and Connor wanted a photo in the amazing banking hall. We left them to enjoy chatting to friends before they were called into dinner. As the speeches were before dinner, we stayed to listen and take a few more photos. We got to hear that lovely Louise is a talented skier, having obtained her ski instructor license in Val d’Isere. We loved hearing from Connor how his mum twigged he had a girlfriend. On his return back to Boston, his mum went to empty his suitcase to find everything neatly folded and clean……
We had to end with a photo with the baseball cap. Connor’s best man got it specially for him for his wedding day as it was said that whilst a student in Trinity, he was never without one!
A great fun loving couple, that I am sure went on to party all night.031032033034035036037038



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