Fiona and Roland are great world travelers but met in a pub in Dublin after a Six Nations game.  Roland chose a holiday in Cuba, with Fiona and her little daughter Leah who was 11/2 at the time, to propose.  Leah found the ring in the sand and handed it to Fiona.

The pair of them chose Village at Lyons to celebrate their wedding day.  Roland being French, had quite a lot of French guests arriving especially for the wedding.  So my very rusty French proved a bit of fun on the day.
Fiona and her family got ready in the Love One Cottage at the Village.  It was very spacious and full of natural light.  We really enjoyed photographing the little ones, including Leah and also Fiona and Roland’s little son Danny.

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Leah and her two cousins Holly and Sadie were flower girls and were in great form that morning.  They were very excited to see the dress hanging up in the window, ready for Fiona to put on and herald the start of the celebrations!  Fiona’s dress was stunning, she told me she bought it from De Stafford store in Dublin. Eilis, her sister wore a blush pink dress from Monsoon.  The flowers were stunning to complement the dresses and were from Absolutely Fabulous in Celbridge.008 009 010 011 012 013 014 015

Meanwhile, Tom photographed Roland who also was getting ready in the Village.  Roland had his fabulous 1978 porsche out the front of the Mill House for a few photos.

Fiona and Roland chose a humanist ceremony in the conservatory.  Chloe, their niece played the violin.  Leah was in charge of tieing the knot and did such a good job, they could hardly get out of it!  There was a great French twist to the ceremony with readings in French which was lovely to hear and of course the French dress style which is always a treat to see.

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Back inside, we photographed by the large circular window and enjoyed chatting to the pair of them about the whole day.Fiona and Roland made a grand entrance down to dinner with all the guests clapping and cheering.  And to keep the French twist to the day, Village at Lyons had made them a cake of different savoury cheeses.  Bon Appetit!

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  1. Great blog and Fabulous pictures. Looking forward to our photo album 😉

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