Marion and Keith are together 9 years having met in Quinlans pub in Clondalkin. They now have two fabulous kids, Rachel and James. On chatting to Marion, I knew they were great parents. Marion was concerned that Rachel wouldn’t be into having her photo taken. We chatted about different ideas to try to make sure she felt more comfortable on the wedding day.

When the day arrived, Marion was getting ready in the main hotel in Tulfarris. I was taking my time before taking a photo of Rachel so as not to scare her off, but I needn’t have worried she was so up for the wedding photography! She was just so happy that her teddy bear got to star in our photos. So, I think, we hit it off straightaway.

Keith was with little James that morning. James was intent on bringing his rolly bag with him wherever he went, so Tom got lots of photos of Keith and James walking outside in the grounds of the hotel that morning.


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The humanist ceremony was taking place in Tulfarris in the Poulaphouca Room, which is always beautifully lit for ceremony photos. Marion was ready on time, and we laughed so much when Rachel kept saying “Can we go, can we go” We loved capturing her looking out the window waiting for the off. So needless to say, Marion wasn’t late for her ceremony!

It was a fab moment to see her walk down the aisle with her mum Kathleen and her daughter. The Ukelele band they chose, the Kooky Ukes, were quite quirky and a great hit.  During the ceremony, James slept the whole time on Grandad’s shoulder.  Even after the ceremony, he was conked out on the couch in the middle of all the guests drinking and chatting.  Marion and Keith told me he had been up very late the night before.  While, Rachel was full of beans and was doing twirls with her best friend in another room.

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We persuaded Marion and Keith to come outside for a few photos on their own by the lake.  Keith was a true gentleman, and kept Marion warm by offering him his jacket.  We didn’t hang about long and went back into the warmth of the Manor House in Tulfarris.  We took some family photos and let the pair of them have a chance to mingle with guests.

The guests had a great time getting their caricatures drawn by Niall O’Loughlin. After the speeches, guests had fun in the photobooth and everyone got up on the dance floor led by the Camembert Quartet.  After the big day, Marion and Keith told me they are planning a honeymoon in the big Apple!

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