Gillian and Cyril may have chosen April Fools Day to get married but they are by no means fools! Cyril is an engineer and Gillian is a teacher. They share a love of GAA, but not the same team; Gillian is a Lily White fan and Cyril is a Dub supporter. But, they managed to overlook their differences. Cyril proposed to Gillian under the clock tower on a walk at the lovely Carton House, close to where Gillian’s parents live.

On the day of the wedding, I went over to photograph at Gillian’s house which was very relaxed and fun.  Gillian as a teacher, is very organised and pays attention to the little details.  We loved all the personalised hangars.  Her dress was amazing designed by Catherine Deane with her vintage headpiece custom made by Emmy McCormick.

Cyril and the boys, (two of them we had to call the Jedwards, as they are named John and Ed, so it was inevitable! ) looked very sharp in their suits, braces and bow-ties from Terry Michael’s Menswear.

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Gillian surprised Cyril with a fabulous beetle to travel to the ceremony which was taking place at Village at Lyons. It proved very handy as the car was used the night before to bring up all the props that Gillian and Cyril had organised. Cyril had two bicycles refurbished, one was in his aunt’s shed for years and the other one Gillian used to travel on as a child on family cycling trips!  Cyril’s dad also refurbished a wooden ladder and Gillian painstakingly designed the Table Plan and Running Order using blackboard paint and chalk (This was really professionally done, don’t know how she did it????).

Gillian told me she was quite nervous about walking down the steps to the Mill Room without falling, but her parents were there right beside her.  Cyril mentioned in his speech that when he saw Gillian at the top of the stairs “his breath was taken away”.
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The Ceremony was performed by Gabrielle of A Beautiful Ceremony, it was very sweet as Gillian and Cyril wrote their own vows.  Before everyone left the Mill Room to celebrate, we managed to take a group shot.  The weather was not good to say the least, we attempted to go out for some photos and managed about 2 minutes as it was just too wet and windy.  So we brought the daylight into the room by opening up the main door for a stunning silhouette photo.

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Most of the guests enjoyed chatting in the orangery and were oblivious to the wet day.  We decided to stay to document the speeches as they were happening before dinner.  We loved hearing how Gill has made Cyril the happiest man alive!  You can’t get better than that.

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After speeches, the guests moved to the Mill Room to enjoy a fabulous dinner with a slice of Aunt Emily’s cake.  Gillian and Cyril right up to a week before the wedding were not planning to have a cake, but Emily agreed to make one for them.  It was not a traditional wedding cake as that really wouldn’t have been Gillian and Cyril’s style!

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The Bentley Boys were due to perform later and with Easter break, Gillian has a week off after the wedding and they were planning a trip to romantic Paris for a few days.  Fabuleux!




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