How amazing to come over to Ireland from Ohio to get married!

Justin was just 16 and Anna was 17 when they first met at a small hometown pizza shop where they both worked when they were in high school. Subsquently, Justin left home to join the United States Navy, but before he left he had a promise ring for Anna, and she promised to be right there waiting for him when he got back. By July 2105, Anna’s dad Mark flew Justin home for just 24 hours for a family celebration. They went for a walk by the pizza shop they used to work and Anna found rose petals and candles spread out in the shape of a heart. And Justin got down on one knee to propose.

As they both are really outdoorsy, and love camping, hiking, working out, playing sports, skiing and snowboarding (phew!), they thought what better way to get married than out in the wilds of Glendalough!

With the help of the amazing Annie from Elope to Ireland, they planned this amazing wedding celebration in Ireland.

I arrived up that morning and Justin was with his bestman and forever friend James getting ready. They were very careful not to loose the rings! I loved Anna’s ring which had sapphire and diamond stones in it representing their birthdays and a giant diamond on the top which belonged to Anna’s great great grandmother to represent family, “the most important thing in their lives”.

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Anna came back from the hairdressers and was helped into her dress by her mum Cheryl and her sister and bridesmaid Sarah.  There was only one moment of panic when Anna realised she didn’t have a copy of her vows with her.  So, she ended up rewriting them by the window in her wedding dress.  Justin told me later it wouldn’t have been a problem as she had written them at least three times to get them perfect before they left for Ireland, so was bound to know them pretty much off by heart!

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Romy from A Beautiful Ceremony was preforming the ceremony and chose to have the ceremony down by the lake which was a stunning venue.  So we all gathered by the lake side, while Mark walked his daughter down to be greeted by Justin!

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The ceremony was so sweet, we were all laughing and crying at the same time.  Afterwards, I took some photos by the lake and we made our way to a picnic table, where Annie had a fabulous cake and some well deserved champagne for everyone.

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I was quite shocked when the two of them started to spread cake over each other’s faces, but I was told this is an American tradition!  Just as well, Dad had tissues.  After some down time, we went off and took some more amazing photos in the Glendalough historic site.  Eventhough Anna had fabulous wedding shoes she bought in Ireland, her hiking boots came in handy for walking over the uneven ground.

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Anna had told me the one thing she was sad to be missing out on was to throw the bridal bouquet to some single girls!  So we ad-libbed and asked some of the tourists at the site to join in.  It was great fun, the girls came on board and one German girl was delighted to win the bouquet.

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Being photographed can be thirsty work, so we all retired to the Glendalough Hotel pub and they all downed a pint of Guinness, Irish Style!  I was informed that Anna and Justin planned to travel into Dublin City that evening in full wedding attire.  Now that’s a whole different story…….

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