Peter and Sinéad proved it can be done! They managed to book cake, cars and church singer all in one week before the wedding. The pair of them are characters, Sinéad told me she was doing a degree at night and Peter was the ‘refund of fees head honcho’ and that it was love at first sight across a desk.

They now have two handsome sons -Joshua and Jacob, who are adorable. Sinéad and Peter decided to have a christmas time wedding. They were hoping for a dry day and they were lucky – they got it in bucket loads!

As Anna lives quite close to where Sinéad was getting ready, she documented Sinead’s getting ready. She told me that Sinead was very cool, it didn’t upset her that as she was putting on her dress, she managed to get some of her lipstick on the lace.

I went over to their own house, where Peter and the groomsmen and their boys Joshua and Jacob were getting ready. Poor Jacob was just getting over chicken pox and was looking a bit spotty. Peter asked me to photoshop them out, but I decided to leave a few spots in as I think it was telling the story of the day!!!! I was very impressed that Peter was able to get them all ready in time to leave in their vintage bus by AT & T Chauffeurs to the church along the Clontarf strand.

It wasn’t long before Sinéad arrived and the ceremony kicked off without any hiccups. We were under instructions to capture her shoes so what better moment, then when she was stepping out of the car. We loved how Joshua kept giving us the thumbs up when we put our cameras to our faces to take a photo! He seemed so happy that they were tying the knot. Sinéad wore an amazing coat over her dress from Fiona Todhunters and looked like a snow princess. It suited the cold sunny weather of December. After the ceremony, we asked Sinéad to take off her shoes and climb up on the church pew to reach the stained glass window for a nice sunfilled window shot.

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We then walked across with the bridal party and her two brothers to the Clontarf promenade to capture a few daylight photos. We had great fun when we again suggested to Sinead to take her shoes off and get up on the beach wall. Her two brothers looked on in horror, that she might either fall off or that her dress might blow into a watery rockpool. But, Sinead was a great sport and took it in her stride and managed in the end not to dirty her dress at all. As we walked along, we met an Italian tourist on a Dublin City Bike. He was chuffed to get to talk to the newleyweds. For the fun, we asked him could Peter have a go on the bike.

I headed back to get the car while Sinead, Peter, Anna and the videographers disappeared to grab coffee and tea to go! It must have been fun to see a bride walk into the coffee shop! Michael from AT & T drove them through the city centre with the top down on the car. Sinead and Peter with all the excitement, must not have noticed the cold. All the pedestrians were coming up to them in the car to congratulate them!

We arrived in the darkness to Tulfarris in Blessington. In the warmth of the House, we got the chance to do a few family and friends shots. We loved the cake toppers Chewy and Princess Leya from Star Wars! So in true Star Wars fashion, we say “May the Force be with you Both”

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