Audrèe and Cathal are a match made in heaven. Despite, Audrèe telling me he eats biscuits the wrong way and Cathal telling me she always leaves the cereal bag open. They managed to get over these milestones and after going out over 7 years, Cathal proposed to Audrèe.

They met in college in Tralee.  Audrèe told me she found Cathal cute in his college student uniform; a hoodie and jeans! Audrèe made sure that on their next encounter that she was looking extra hot for pizza night. Making it out that she was just hanging out, she showered, straightened her hair, applied her make up and put on her nicest PJ’s to look casually “hot”. They continued to date all through college. Audrèe had no idea that a marriage proposal was coming. With them both living in Perth, they decided to take an extended holiday and stop off in London. Cathal had tickets for the ballet, they headed off and Cathal asked the driver to stop at Trafalgar Square to look at the Christmas tree. Cathal in Audrèe’s own words “was wierdly into the tree” and suggested that they stand in the middle of the steps to get a better view. Audrèe said “god he really loves this tree” but went along with it. He had a beautiful speech prepared and before she knew, he was down on one knee with ring in hand. The limo drove them all around town listening to their personal compiliation of music with champagne in hand, finishing up with dinner and drinks at the Ritz.

With living abroad, both Cathal and Audrèe wanted a traditional Irish wedding back in Audrèe’s hometown of Killorglin, famous for the Puck Fair. Aidan and myself travelled down the day before to stay in the local pub – the Manor Inn, the owner is a long time friend of the family. We loved the whole ambiance of the Manor Inn, everyone was so welcoming. Cathal and his groomsmen were also staying there the night before the wedding. So, we were all one happy family preparing for the next day.

While Audrèe and her bridesmaids were getting the best of pampering treatment at the house, Cathal was off getting the car washed, ready for the big day.We loved the overall look, Audrèe was ultra glamorous with a highly structured dress, hollywood hair and lips.  Bridesmaids dresses were a neutral silver.

001 002 003 004 005

We loved all the little touches like guest books, photobooth, crossword puzzle on the tables, tayto snacks for guests, personalised pj’s.

006 Tayto snacks wedding 007 008 009 010 011 012

The ceremony was performed by Fr Fleming and went very smoothly, I don’t think Cathal won the bet of having a “short mass”!

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We headed back to their friendly local, the Manor Inn, who were brilliant, welcoming them with a bagpiper, lots of sandwiches, hot tea and coffee, drinks and plenty of chat.

026 027 028 029 030

Audrèe and Cathal were keen to capture some photos around Killorglin before the sun disappeared, so we headed off to the Iron Bridge, a local haunt, which was stunning with views of the snow capped mountains and windmills.  We loved photographing the pair of them just walking hand-in-hand up the country road.

031 032 033 034 035 036 037 AC-595 038 039 040

As it was getting late, we sped back to their hotel venue, the Heights Hotel in Killarney.  We were blown away by the sweet table that alot of their friends and family had made for them, which included chocolate biscuit cake, fruit cake, profiteroles, iced buns, sweets, etc.  A huge feast that looked so pretty on the table.

041 042 043 043a

We used the time to capture some more family shots, and when everyone was being called for dinner, we got to bring the bridal party into the stunning conservatory for a photo op.  The speeches were planned before the meal started which meant all the speech makers could relax and enjoy their dinner.

044 045 046

When dinner was over, the tables were cleared and the Bentley Boys got everyone up on the dance floor.  To ring in the New year, once Midnight struck, the balloons were released from the ceiling and everyone went mad on the dance floor.  Audrèe and Cathal took some time out from dancing to have a bit of fun in the photobooth.  Don’t think this pair have changed since they first met……

New years eve Irish wedding dancing photos kerry Photobooth ireland



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