Niamh and Killian had planned to have their wedding November last year but their daughter Caoileann decided to come along in October so they postponed it to November this year so Caoileann could make an appearance on the day.

Niamh’s bridesmaids told me they weren’t going to buy fancy umbrellas in case they jinxed the day with lashing rain!

That morning when I was shooting Niamh getting ready out in Malahide in their own house and Roisin photographed at Killian’s parents house also out in Malahide, it was pretty wet. Niamh had a very relaxing morning, with her mum Carol being so good and making sure Caoileann was well looked after with all the hustle and bustle in the house.

The ceremony was held in the country church in Kilskyre, Co Meath close to Clonabreany House. Both Carol and myself agreed to go in convoy as it was a fair journey to the church in the rain. I was very impressed with Carol’s sporty driving, I had to put my foot down to keep up with her.

I loved the setting of the church, nestled in the countryside with plenty of cows in the fields nearby. Once we got to the church, the rain stopped for the day! The church was beautifully decorated by Niamh’s cousin and Fr Noel, Niamh’s Uncle said the mass. We loved the signs that the boys held up just before Niamh walked down the aisle to see Killian.

After the ceremony, we took a few photos outside the church and headed back to Clonabreany. We were blown away with the trouble that Niamh and Killian had gone to for all their guests, with a personal photo at each place name. We went outside with the sun setting to photograph their families, then the bridal party and Niamh and Killian headed over to the courtyard across the road for a few more photos. Niamh was very brave and walked in the mud to get a few photos with the autumnal leaves.

The light was going when we returned back to the house to warm up and enjoy the ambiance and check out the cake that her cousin made, a yummy chocolate biscuit cake!

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