Trish and Brian had a New Years Eve kiss in 2009 and the rest is history!

They decided to tie the knot in Castle Dargan in Ballygawley surrounded by friends and family and more importantly, their amazingly cute daughter Fiadh. Trish got ready at the hotel in a beautiful well lit apartment room at the hotel. The morning was very relaxed for Trish, her mum and all the bridesmaids.

I don’t know if the same could be said for Brian. That morning, he realised while dressing into this wedding suit, that he had the wrong size trousers. So, he had to make the half hour trip to collect the correct size but he still managed to make it on time to the church to be there before Trish.

The ceremony was very personal at the local Sooey Church. We couldn’t resist asking them both to climb the stairs to the balcony to stand on the window sill with the chuch stained glass windown in the background for a photo. When outside the church, the light and autumn colours were just amazing, so we were very excited to take some time out to get some wedding photos in the church grounds!

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Back at Castle Dargan, Trish and Brian took a golf cart and we sped off to see the ruins and winter trees located on the far side of the golf course. We learnt very quickly how to reverse, accelerate and speed around corners in the golf carts!

We then went up to the reception room to see the cake. Trish’s mum Carmel made the chocolate biscuit cake and a friend from Cloonee Confectionary decorated it. We loved the cake toppers – 2 pigs and a piglet – given that Trish and Brian are both Gardai!

Rather than have wedding favours, they decided to donate to the Kevin Bell Repatriation Trust Fund and House House in Foxford. It was a busy day, Australia and New Zealand were playing in the Rugby World Cup and most of the guests were keeping an eye out on the scores. It was also Halloween, so Trish and Brian made sure to have some great photobooth props for the kids and even Trish and Brian were tempted to try on!

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