With Helen and Sean having three boys, Daragh, Eoin and John, they decided to do things a little bit differently for their wedding day at Village at Lyons in October. They chose to have a civil ceremony performed by Gerry Byrne of Get-married.ie which made it a little easier for the couple.

The ceremony was planned for 4pm so it was agreed in order that they got a few wedding photos in the daylight that Helen would come at least a half hour earlier to Village at Lyons for some family shots with Sean and the three boys who had been getting ready in the Shackleton Suite at the Village. This worked out well, and we managed to get loads of family photos of Helen, Sean and the three boys out by the fountain and lake without any guests seeing Helen until she went down the aisle.

The ceremony was short but very meaningful with both mothers lighting candles, and then later Helen and Sean lit the unity candle. After the ceremony, they enjoyed chatting to friends and family and we managed to get them outside for a few family shots before total darkness fell!

They were all snug and warm, enjoying canapes and drinks in the orangerie but Helen and Sean agreed to come out for one last nighttime photo outside the front door of the mill. This was great fun as we could not see them in the darkness and had to experiment with taking the photo, but it paid off and we got a fabulous moody photo by the bridge.

I am sure all this wedding photography worked up their appetite – we left them to enjoy tucking into the French macaroon wedding cake!

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