Stephen told me he wasn’t going to be nervous marrying Natalie as he had been waiting 15 years for this day to come!

Natalie and Stephen wanted an intimate wedding so that they could enjoy their day with family. They chose Village at Lyons and made history by getting married in the little monument suspended on the lake. They literally got to walk on water on their wedding day! How amazing was that?

Anna went over to photograph Stephen that morning in his parents house in Blanchardstown while Natalie got ready in the Carriage House which is a fabulous venue for smaller weddings, situated near the lake. Upstairs, there are fabulous bedrooms with an amazing staircase with one of the round windows that Village of Lyons is famous for. Downstairs, there is a main entrance hall, kitchen and a beautiful intimate banquet room.

When I arrived to the Carriage House, I was greeted by all these giant party games out on the lawn and in the house. I thought these might have been there to entertain Reece, Natalie and Stephen’s son but it turned out that it was the adults who played them the most!
Reece was so excited that his mum was now going to take his name. When we asked him if he was nervous, he said no, not at all. In fact, he loved wearing the suit with matching brooch to his dad and was in tears after the ceremony with happiness. Natalie’s wedding dress was beautiful – she told me this was her second dress!!!. Her first dress – she was getting made for her but it just didn’t work out and Stephen ended up driving her to a shop in Portlaoise to buy a dress last minute but it all worked out in the end. She walked over to the ceremony with her mum, dad and Reece looking fabulous.

The ceremony was very intimate with the harpist playing and once the pair of them were married, we went out to the gardens for some photos before the light disappeared. Then, we headed back for the famous pouring of champagne into the champagne flutes. We loved all the little details that they had organised, such as photobooth props, vintage tea sets, wish jar, etc. Natalie’s Russian style bouquet was very different too, and a great keepsake she will have forever. Once, she got a chance to chat to friends and family, the pair of them came out again for a few more photos with Reece and we got a chance to use the sparklers before they got called to dinner.

They are heading to Portugal on holiday together, I think its 7 years since they have been on a holiday on their own without Reece but I suspect, as he is great fella, that they will miss him loads and be texting him every day!

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