Len believes the only time he managed to back a winner was when he met Natalie at the Irish Derby Day in the Curragh! Once they went out on a date, they have been inseparable ever since.

Len doesn’t do things by halves and proposed to Natalie on 11/11/11. He had rung FM104 and told them he was going to propose so they got them on a boat on the river Liffey and he got down on one knee to a private concert by the Corona’s. The Corona’s gave them tickets to their xmas show as they said this had never happened before to them.

Natalie and Len chose Finnstown House for their big day. They have three kids Ryan, Leighton and Lauryn and they were determined that they would enjoy the day as much as their parents. The two younger kids were so excited to see the Phantom that was bringing them to the church in Saggart. Lens Uncle was great he is a DJ and did the music at the church.

After the ceremony, we followed the wedding car to Finnstown House and stopped off in the driveway for a couple of photos. Once we got up to Finnstown, we did some family shots and a few photos of the bridal party. We had to laugh that as soon as your back was turned, somebody went missing for the wedding photos!

Not to worry, we got all our pictures done in jig time and even got a chance to look at the fabulous cake. Each of the kids got to pick a layer for the day and I heard there was chocolate biscuit, carrot cake and victoria sponge. There were loads of sweets and even a candy cart.

The best surprise ever was the clown that was there to entertain the kids during the speeches but I think me, Anna, Natalie and Len got a sneak preview and we never laughed so much. He was brillant, even Lauryn and Leighton who would be tough judges never stopped laughing!

I had heard that Natalie was terrified that Len was threatening in his speech to surprise the kids with a dog but she said that was never gonna happen!!!!!What was gonna happen though, was that the whole family were planning to honeymoon – in Puerto Rico. A perfect ending to a perfect wedding day.

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