Cliona and Gareth met in a nightclub and Cliona said from the first moment she saw him, she knew he was the one! Though she said it was way too long a time before he actually got around to asking him to marry her.

Cliona and Gareth chose Knightsbrook Hotel for their wedding day, as they loved the staircase and the golf course on the grounds. Cliona got ready in her parents house, it was all very organised. Both Anna and myself were blown away by her amazing dress, very different, with sparkles that catched the light and changed it colour dependending on where you are in the light. The cut of the dress was stunning on Cliona as well.

We were in Oblate’s Church in Inchicore, which is a very large church in the centre of town with amazing gardens at the back. So once the ceremony was over, we popped into the gardens and the bridal party braved the muddy grass to have some lovely photos with the sunshine kissing their hair!

We followed the beautiful Bentley to the Abbey close to Knightsbrook for some more photos of just Cliona and Gareth. She was great to walk on the cobble stones down to the arches. DC Media came with us too to video the day.

Back at Knightsbrook, we couldn’t resist asking all the reception staff to duck down while we got a shot of them under the large chandelier. Cliona and Gareth told me they were really looking forward to the honeymoon now, they are off to Canada and Mexico.

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