Stephanie & Adam both met through work in Geneva, Stephanie said a lost scarf and a ‘dance off’ pretty much started the romance. They both went back to London to work and seven and a half years later Adam popped the question on a weekend away in Bath. He had kept the ring in his backpack the whole time!

As they couldn’f find a venue they both liked, it started as a joke that Stephanie would have her wedding back in her house that she grew up in Tullow, but it snowballed from there. And the deal was struck, a marquee wedding at the back of the house. It is a stunning location in Coolkenno, Tullow where the you can see three counties Wexford, Carlow and Wicklow. We loved the homely atmosphere, with cats, dogs and even horses around us on the day.

Stephanie told me it had been a bit of an ordeal, as she had to travel from the UK by ferry with the wedding dress, suits, shoes and even table decorations, so she was happy when she got back to her house safe and sound with everything.

There was no stress though on the day, Stephanie got ready at home with her mum and bridesmaids while Adam got ready in the nearby hotel Mount Wolseley. Stephanie suprised Adam with a cool sports car to pick him up to travel to the church in Aghold.

The church is very local to them, you can walk to it and Stephanie dad is buried there. It was a nice touch that when Stephanie arrived to the church, she took some time out to visit her dad’s grave before heading down the aisle to meet Adam.

After the ceremony, the couple sped off for a little drive on their own, while all the guests headed back to eat fancy canapes and drink champagne. When back, Stephanie put on her leopardskin wellies and we went into the nearby field for a few photos! We couldn’t resist a photo with the tractor. Even though Stephanie is allergic to horses, she braved a shot near the stables too.

We hear they were off to Italy for their honeymoon, how romantic is that!

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