Garrett and Paula were together just over 8 years . They were both clearing up after Paula’s 30th birthday party and took some time out on the couch where Garrett popped the question.

They have just built a fabulous house in Tullaroan, Co Kilkenny and both Anna and myself were very jealous to see that Paula has a walk in wardrobe! She is very organised and loves shoes, they are all boxed with a photo on the front. She chose white wedding shoes with multi coloured polka dots. Even, her old dog was called Dot. Poor Dot passed away last November but they since have got a new dog called Mollie who wasn’t to be seen on the wedding day! Paula also has two horses Lightning and Bella, they were out in a nearby field and we heard that Paula made sure to go down the field the morning of her wedding to feed the horses. Poor Garrett is allergic to horses so has to keep his distance from Lightning and Bella.

The church was very close by and we loved the little town, with the old petrol station and local shop. After the ceremony, guests enjoyed a 99! We then headed into Kilkenny City. The Arts Festival was on, so the city was buzzing, and the bridal party got to look at some of the paintings which was fun. They even got to the Bridge House pub before ending back at their chosen venue, the Rivercourt Hotel. We were not shocked to see that the wedding cake was decorated with multi-coloured polka dots!

The pair of them are off to Stockholm for a mini-moon and then in October, they are heading to the Rugby World Cup in England for the Ireland – France game. An action packed honeymoon!

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