Trish and Arnout loved chatting together and let many a bus pass them by outside college in London! Then, continued chatting in the pub at bi-weekly deparment night outs. So they got to know each other very well.

Both are obviously very intelligent with Trish having studied for an MSC in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Management and Arnout, originally from Holland was doing his PHD at the time.

Arnout about three and a half years later proposed to Trish on a long overdue holiday in December 2013 in Cyprus. Trish said she should have noticed something was up when Arnout was slightly off his food the day before! He proposed after a lovely day in the spa with cocktails and dinner. Trish and Arnout though living in London skyped with us and booked. I was so excited to shoot at Bellingham Castle in Co Westmeath. Having heard that the same owners that own Cabra Castle had taken it over and they have done a fabulous job. The rooms are all so interesting, I especially love the pantry and the library and the sweeping gardens.

Thanks to the wonders of googlemaps, we found the farmhouse belong to Trish’s family. It was so full of charm, with sash windows, a courtyard with old stables, and Trish’s dad explained how the entrance floor in the house was over 100 years old, the local priest had acquired it from the local church.

We never got to see Rex her dog though, as Rex might have dirtied the dress! We got out to photograph in the front lawn with all the daffodils which was nice and we got to meet Tutu, Trish’s teddy bear, she has had Tutu since the age of six.

We headed over to the church at Delvin where Michael O’Leary had got married in! and said hello to Arnout, who was dieing to see his bride to be.

The ceremony was so personal with the sisters in law Jenneke and Sandra singing. Trish and Arnout gave the Statue of Mary a bouquet of flowers which was a very nice touch. The ceremony was a mix of a dutch, catholic service. Trish and Arnout jokingly told me that it may be an Irish tradition to ask a lot of family to a wedding but its a Dutch tradition to invite a lot of friends! So there were a lot of friends and family at the wedding. After the ceremony, most of the guests went to check into nearby hotels near Bellingham Castle while we followed behind the 1964 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III all the way to the Castle. We stopped off at the entrance to the Castle for a few photos and Trish said she couldn’t face trying to get back in to the car with the dress and would like to stretch her legs. So Anna photographed the two of them walking up to the impressive entrance.

We used the time to photograph at the river in the front and then left Trish and Arnout to relax for a while. The guests were not long about arriving and they were blown away by the castle, they loved all the games out on the back lawn and the board games inside the house. The bridal party were seen sitting down in the pantry while Trish served them coffee, all we needed was for Trish to wear an apron!

With Trish and Arnout’s backgrounds, the theme for the wedding was ‘trees’ and the colour theme was green. We loved photographing all the guests looking for their name tags and leaf pendants placed on the tree for the table plan. Even the cake was iced to look like the bark of a birch tree and had white sugar craft flowers on the top. What was nice was Trish’s mum had made the top tier.

The guests really enjoyed chatting in the castle or sunning themselves and playing games out on the lawn. I understand that later that night there were to be a few Dutch songs to be sung!

Before we left Anna and myself had to say goodbye to the resident donkey and wolfhound!

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