Polly and Rob (known collectively by their friends as Pob) met on a ski trip with friends. The trip sparked a few relationships and Polly and Rob were one of 3 couples who met on the trip but the first to get married. The other couples were in their bridal party.

Polly told me that the ‘Will you Marry me’ question was popped over some mojitos. Who wouldn’t say yes when sipping a Mojito? Rob took her to lunch in town and disappeared off apparently to buy guitar strings. After lunch he suggested going to a cafe to read their kindles so they went to Pygmalion on South William Street. He tried to get her to sit in a dark quiet part of the bar but she was having none of it. When she got over the shock of being asked to marry him, he presented her with what she described as the ugliest biggest mood ring she had ever seen. She still has it now as a keepsake.

Polly and Rob, aka Pob now live in London so they chose New Years Eve as the perfect day for their wedding. Polly got ready in Aughrim village in the houses adjacent to Lawless Hotel. She told me I would know the one as their would be something wedding-ly on the door!

Polly is very organised and the room with her dress hanging up was spotless, I didn’t have to do my usual of hiding the rubbish in one corner to photograph. Rob got ready at Brooklodge Hotel and got some photos playing snooker with the lads before heading down to Aughrim church. The church was filled with lanterns on all the windows. The flowers were stunning and were supplied by a florist in Wicklow recommended by friends

Polly and Rob wanted a Christmassy look to the whole day, with the colour theme being Burgundy and Gold. Ellie her sister one of the bridesmaids had flown in especially from Australia and as Rob has no brothers, his groomsman and bestman were friends from school. They used to be in a band called The Squaggs, so they were hoping they might regroup for a song later that night.

Mark, Polly’s big brother was driving her to the Church. Mark only got married recently to Milena who we photographed recently at their wedding, so we knew all the family pretty well at this stage.

The day was not too cold but pretty damp and drizzly but it didn’t stop Polly and Rob from getting a few shots outside in the gardens at Brooklodge. We got to use some really cute umbrellas and say hello to the chickens wandering around in the rain!

To warm up all the bridal party, we headed into the little pub and all had a well earned drink. We left them there to enjoy some chill time while we went in to check out the cake made by Polly’s aunt and to photograph some of the guests having fun.

The pair of them are off to Barcelona. Rob has been there a couple of times. Spain is special to them. They have had lots of holidays there and Rob spent 18 months in Madrid doing a masters. So they have had happy times visiting and some sad times when Rob was studying away from Polly! But it has all worked out in the end.

As Polly told me with a wise nod ” You can make it work if you put your mind to it”. As long as Rob doesn’t get Eddie Rockets for the meal which he thought might be a good idea………






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