It may have rained bucket loads on Sarah & Jamie’s wedding day at the charming Coolbawn Quay but it did’nt seem to dampen spirits!

Sarah got ready in one of the lodges by the lake. It was full of activity with their mum’s dogs Ruby and Molly running around among the hairdressers, make up artists and wedding dresses. But, they were as good as gold and didn’t jump up and dirty any of the dresses!

We headed off for the ceremony at the local Pukane Church. It was lashing so hard that Sarah could hardly put down the window on their mercedes convertible for a photo. Once inside the church, the ceremony went off without a hitch and most guests after the ceremony headed into the pub across from the church while we sped back to Coolbawn Quay to seize the opportunity for some shots around the lake and with family. Ruby and Molly were even included with their wet paws in some photos!

The atmosphere was electric with all the guests sheltering from the rain in the small pub at the Quay. As they say the more the merrier and everyone had forgotten the bad weather and settled in for the night. Don’t know who was left babysitting Ruby and Molly but I am sure they were in capable hands!

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