Its funny how a couple meet and eventually fall in love and live happily ever after!

Take Gillian and Shane for example. My glamorous couple met at a Halloween House Party, Shane was dressed as a council worker (a last minute costume) and Gillian was dressed as a Hippie. They later revealed their true selves to each other and three years later got engaged.

They finally decided on a wedding at the amazing Radisson Hotel, a stones throw away from me, talk about handy! – I could nearly see Gillian getting ready from my own bedroom window!

Gillian looked amazing, when I uploaded a photo onto my facebook, someone said she was like “something out of a Vogue magazine!”. Once everyone was organised, and ready we headed down to the local Booterstown Church where they both got hitched and we headed back to Gillian’s parents house to visit Charlie and Millie, their two labradors!

Back at the Radisson, we took loads of photos in the gardens. It was quite windy so we also took photos inside with the fabulous throne chairs and reception palazzo floor. In the ceremony room, we saw their amazing cake done by request a cake, chocolate biscuit – yummy!!!!

We loved their colour theme of yellow and navy. Gillian had a hard time getting all the bridesmaid’s dresses and had to shop around in different stores to make sure she had them all! It all paid off, and everyone looked incredible. So good, that a neighbouring fox decided to drop by and enjoy the nights entertainment!

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