Sara & Eoin’s DIY Wedding- As featured on Weddings Online


Sara having worked many years in the wedding industry wanted something different for her wedding day. And she got it in bucket loads but it wasn’t all a bouquet of roses – alot of work went into it!

It all started one day when Sara and Eoin were visiting Eoin’s grandmother Ev at her home and over a cup of tea Ev mentioned she had got married in the house many years ago. Quigley’s Hall is in the yard of Ev’s home. It was built by her father (Mr Quigley) for the use of dances and sporting events. So many people in Banagher remember the good oul dances and it had a great reputation for being the ballroom of romance! So many people met their husband or wife there!

Ev gave them a tour of the area and Sara and Eoin saw the potential of the old hall which had even been used by a boxing club to practice. It was pretty run down as you can see from the photos taken by her friend and photographer Elaine Barker but it didn’t stop Sara and Eoin from seeing the potential of the room. The drapes in the room were done by Gorilla Design and Sara sewed all the bunting, outdoor curtains and table placemats. She handmade all of the centrepieces, napkin rings, glass decorations. She found jars that Ev had stored for over 30 years and cleaned them up and turned them in to candle holders and hired in a sparkly dance floor. The theme was red and white with a bit of a circus theme thrown in.


The pair of them along with some friends and family did pretty much everything themselves – they even had to go to Ikea to buy all the glasses and some extra cutlery.

They had to completely re landscape the garden and add in a flower bed area in the yard. When they went to gravel the yard, they discovered there was a hidden septic tank as the digger fell in..,, let’s just say it wasn’t easy getting it out of that hole!

The old outhouses Sara and Eoin used to showcase some of the history of Quigley’s Hall with furniture and props taken from the house. We loved the tailors room with the old ledgers and original patterns and even the old brasier.

Sara got ready in a bed and breakfast close to the church in Banagher. It was interesting in itself as Charlotte Bronte had lived there years ago.

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At the church, everyone was pretty emotional so lots of tears.

We headed back to Quigley’s Hall with the bridal party and families to take photos while all the other guests enjoyed a pint in the local bar. No one was allowed in until we had finished our photos so we had fun using all the props for photos – we loved the home made photo booth in the back garden!

We managed to take a trip in the car to the River for some photos and Greg from I Direct Productions brought his drone and got some great aerial footage of the two of them.

When we got back, Sara and Eoin were able to mingle with guests and enjoy seeing how much the guests were blown away with the whole place. The wedding meal was very relaxed with an outside barbeque with choices of steak, chicken or salmon and amazing salads to choose from. The cupcakes were delicious too.

As the newleyweds love the 90’s, everyone danced to the band Pump up the Jam until late. By this stage I am sure Ev, their grandmother had retired for a cup of tea by her aga in the kitchen!

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