Sharon and Donal adore their pug Lola and wanted to do an invitation card with her. So Sharon borrowed an old wedding dress I had and came over for an engagement shoot. We all headed off to UCD College to a bench I thought would work well for the photo. Sharon was mortified walking around in a wedding dress in front of the students. But the star of the show was Lola, Sharon and Donal were well prepared with treats for her and since Lola has been on a diet she was happy to perform for us.

Lola was there the morning of the wedding at Sharon’s house and was wearing her cute “I do too” kerchief. We had a laugh when Donal sent Sharon an onion the morning of the wedding. Sharon told us they were once on a holiday and a bit stressed with travel arrangements and she threw an onion at him, so its a bit of a running joke with the two of them.

Sharon is so well organised that we got all our photos in her house that morning and were waiting outside the church an hour before the guests arrived! It gave us time to say hello to Donal and take some photographs of the wedding details. We loved the trees at the top of the aisle with wooden hearts to commemorate the deceased in the two families.

The ceremony went off well and we headed to the amazing Tankardstown House and the weather stayed fine, so we got loads of photos in the driveway and in the walled garden. The craic was mighty and everyone was dancing in the afternoon to Tropical Storm inside the house. When we went to do a girly photo the girls had great fun dancing to songs like “Pretty Woman” and dancing in a conga line around the front of the house.

I bet they worked up an appetite for some of those lovely cakes we saw.

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