Its a while since I have been to Rathsallagh House and it didn’t disappoint!

Jenny and Odhran were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. Getting ready there mean’t that I could photograph Jenny while Anna was able to get some photos of the boys. They certainly were jumping for joy in the gardens!

We headed off to Dunlavin Church where the ceremony went off without a hitch. We loved the music and singing in the church as Jenny and Odhran’s family are very musical, with the Uncle being able to play the pipes and tin whistle.

We fell in love with the cute flower girls, Grace and Ciara who were either doing a countdown for her to arrive at the church or stealing mummy’s shoes to wear around the gardens!

We all had a good laugh when we were setting up family shots and Odhran decided to climb one of the trees.

Never a dull moment with weddings!

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