How cool is it when your brother gets to marry you on the Big Day?

It may have been a local wedding for the grooms parents, living in Sandymount and having the whole ceremony and celebrations at Thomas Prior Hall in Ballsbridge but it was far from home for Gavin and Renate who are now living in Norway.

Renate with a full name of Renate Tvedt Justad certainly isnt Irish. She comes from Norway. I never got around to how they both met or indeed ended up living in Canada, this is a question I will get to ask them on their return from the honeymoon.

The day was really relaxed with all the guests from abroad staying the night before in the hotel. The wedding ceremony was all at Thomas Prior and didnt start until about 3pm so guests had time to relax and chat on the morning before changing into their fancy outfits. We photographed the bridesmaids and Renate getting ready in the room, with bottles of champagne. They never got around to finishing making the cardboard wishing well for the day but we did see the cool sword which I understand belonged to Gavins grandfather and was used to cut the cake.

We loved some of the Norweigan outfits, something very different to an Irish wedding. After hanging out with the guests, we left them drinking champagne and headed off in my car for some photos on Sandymount Strand. Gavin and Renate wanted the pigeon house in the distance. Renate was a great sport climbing over the wall in her barefeet to get to the beach. Its never easy in a wedding dress to walk on the beach, but she did it all with a smile!

We were back just in time for everyone to be called into the impressive hall at Thomas Prior to eat, drink and dance the night away……

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