Castle Leslie was a dream wedding venue for equine crazy Laura and David. We got carried away ourselves with the beautiful scenery and shot quite a lot of stills for the pair of them. I hope they have loads of free time for sitting down to choose their photos for the wedding album!

The day was very easy with Laura and her bridesmaids getting ready in the Mauve Room at Castle Leslie and then down to the local church at Emyvale. On the way back in the lovely beauford wedding car, they got lucky and met a beautiful bay horse in the driveway and had to stop for a few snaps. I was just waiting for David or Laura to jump up bareback and ride back to the Castle!

With David being Hungarian, family names were a bit of a mouthful but we managed it!

We really enjoyed taking photos down by the lake with the swans and using the beautiful trees as a a backdrop. Hope Laura and David enjoy their honeymoon back in Hungary. I know they are building their own second home there so I guess they won’t get much time for relaxation!

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