I like to think of Sona as the girl with two wedding dresses!

Nick & Sona are no ordinary couple. Sona met Nick going in opposite directions around the world. Sona was a little worse for wear after a night out and missed her bus and ended up on Nicks bus in Wanaka, New Zealand They met up again 8 months later in Mexico and Nick moved back to Ireland with Sona.

It was in Mexico that Nick proposed to her. They were scuba diving and Nick flashed the ring at the bottom of the sea and removed Sona’s oxygen mask for a kiss which literally had her gasping for air!

As Ronald McDonald would say, they went large and decided to have two celebrations for the wedding. The first wedding saw them flying to Cormandel Peak above Lake Wanaka where they met and performing the wedding ceremony on the top of the mountain. Thank god, neither of them are afraid of heights! Sona decided to buy a less expensive dress for this wedding celebration as she would be climbing mountain tops and getting in and out of the helicopter for some stunning pics and didn’t want to worry about ruining the dress for later.

Back in Ireland, Sona and Nick were keen to be king and queen for a day. They wanted a party, and asked friends and family for a celebration at Kinitty Castle in Offaly. Anna and I were honoured to be asked to cover the day in a natural and relaxed way. The ceremony was very intimate taking place in the beautiful gold drawing room and was performed by Romy McAuley of A Beautiful Ceremony Ltd. Family was heavily involved; lighting candles and readings, even Nicks niece Olivia aged 6 did a reading.

Nick wearing his purple socks had informed me the colour theme was purple but Sona denied this and was proved wrong as the photos show; the bridesmaids wore purple, the flowers were purple and even Sona’s shoes were purple.

Guests received personalised drinks tokens before being ushered into the amazing banqueting room at Kinnitty Castle. We really enjoyed seeing Sona and Nick enter into the room with all the guests welcoming them while seated at the one long table. They were going to dance the night away to the Conor McKeown band and eat topsy turvy wedding cake from Amazing Cakes. The bottom tier was red velvet, middle tier chocolate orange and the top tier was stawberry madeira, (Sona informs me to cater for the Brits there!).

I can’t wait to hear how they plan to celebrate their first wedding anniversary!

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