We were delighted to photograph Nessa and Daraghs wedding at Glasson Golf Hotel last month. Nessa’s parents house was deep in the countryside with loads of horses!

It wasnt a great sunny day so we didnt get as many photos outside as we would have liked but we still got a lot of photos indoors that were lovely and the boys were able to stand outside under the main entrance to the hotel for one outdoor photo.

The staircase in Glasson has loads of natural light which were really nice and Nessa and Daragh had a few shots in mind, like a photograph through the engagement ring so we were able to keep busy despite the weather!

Nessa’s sister did the wedding invitations, they were just amazing, so detailed and all cut by hand, a real talent! Nessa and Daragh had some vintage top hats for the lads to put on, and even throw in the air to have some fun.

I am sure the pair of them had a great wedding and look forward to having their photos to make their wedding album on their return.

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